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The ethical fashion industry can't forget about women of color in the U.S.

Publication: Hello Giggles

he ethical fashion industry focuses on producing clothing while simultaneously taking care of the planet and the people on it, but it is leaving low-income women of color in the U.S. behind. As a Latinx ethical fashion writer and activist, I’m baffled by its contradictions.


Make Your clothes last longer with these 5 easy tips!

Publication: Maven Women Blog

If you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ve got some pretty sweet knowledge floating around in that gorgeous brain of yours. You’ve got the definition of deadstock material at your fingertips. You’re well versed in the glories of the circular economy. You can whip out the stats on garment workers’ average wage across Asia faster than you can say Fair Trade. These are all great things to know, but having a truly ethical wardrobe isn’t just about how you shop. 

Photo by Anais Ganouna

Photo by Anais Ganouna

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6 Feminist Gifts To Get Yourself This Valentine's Day

publication: The Good Trade

Valentine’s day is all about celebrating those we love. We lavish them in gifts and thoughtful little surprises to show them just how special they are. It’s great that we take time to show our appreciation for our partners, but that’s only half the picture. There’s one relationship that’s seen us through everything, that’s been there through thick and thin, that will be there right up to the end. Ourselves. No love is more important than self-love and yet all too often we give everything we have to everyone else, leaving only crumbs of love with which to nourish ourselves.


3 Easy Alternatives to Cultural Appropriation

Publication: Bead and Reel

According to Wikipedia cultural appropriation is the adoption or use of the elements of one culture by members of another culture. Sounds pretty harmless right? What’s so bad about a little borrowing? The thing is though, it’s not just a little borrowing. When a dominant culture takes something from a minority culture (i.e. one with less economic, social, and political power), the dominant culture strips the thing of its original meaning, often taking something sacred and turning it into a meaningless trend. That sucks big time.