The Only Eco-Friendly Luggage You'll Ever Need

**A note. I received the bag for free and was paid for my promotional services. However, everything written in here is true and verifiable. I do genuinely love my ECO-Nu suitcase this much and have used Samsonite suitcases my whole life. The love is real y’all.

If you’ve been following on with my life here or on Instagram, you know I recently moved cross country from Los Angeles to Pennsylvania. It’s been a big change, but surprisingly also kind of not. It’s only been a week since I arrived, but so far I get the distinct impression I’m in the right place.

A lot of things about my life in LA were great, but there were certain aspects that just didn’t work for me anymore. In the last few months I’ve longed to live somewhere that -like LA- was cool, artistic, and with a strong sense of culture, but on the other hand I wanted a place that gave me things LA couldn’t; a slower pace, a sense of community, and most importantly family. The phrase that keeps popping up is the old advertising adage. “Give them the same thing, but different”.

At the end of the day, isn’t that what we all want? We want the comfort of the things we know, but we want them to grow with us as we grow as people. We can’t stay stagnant and in turn neither can the things around us. Case in point, my luggage.

Benita Robledo by the beach travel with suitcase

My whole life we’ve been a Samsonite family. My mother loved them for their great design and longevity. I kept up with the tradition, because duh their stuff is awesome. The last suitcase I bought was a 27” Samsonite roller that I purchased in 2006. That baby has seen multiple continents and over 100 flights. Plus, I pack like a crazy person filling every nook and cranny to the brim. Like, I usually have to sit on my suitcase to get it to close that’s how much I fill it. So take my word for it when I say their zippers are solid. It’s been my go-to suitcase for over 12 years now and that baby is still kicking.


As I was packing to drive cross country a horrible realization washed over me. I needed another suitcase. Because we were driving I needed something big enough to pack enough for a month of living in cold weather (driving time plus waiting for our stuff to arrive) but small enough that we could also fit my husband’s suitcase, a carry-on, our three cats, their carriers, and litter boxes. My beloved suitcase was too big.


If this situation had happened five years ago, I would’ve just run out and gotten another Samsonite suitcase in a second. And sure considering my last suitcase has lasted for 12 years and is still kicking you can definitely count that as eco-friendly, but I wanted more. When I make a new purchase it’s vitally important that it’s eco-friendly from the start. What was I to do? I wanted a Samsonite suitcase, but I wanted it to be eco-friendly. I wanted the same thing, but different.


Turns out all my fretting was for nothing, because get this, SAMSONITE NOW HAS AN ECO-FRIENDLY LINE OF SUITCASES!! Sorry for the all caps, but y’all, when I saw this I about flipped my lid. It’s like the suitcase fairy was listing to my wishes and was like “here you go boo”.


First of all the design is everything I’ve come to expect from Samsonite. It’s sleek, it’s beautiful, and has all of my needs in mind. The front pocket means I can store the stuff I need to get to often, plus they’re big enough to hold my books (dinky front pockets are the worst). I love the two tone colors too. They’re just different enough to keep the design interesting, but close enough in tone that it feels sophisticated.



But they’ve actually taken the design I love and improved on it! They created a new wraparound frame design that makes this baby incredibly light. I got the 25” spinner and it weighs only 8 pounds and change. This is a huuuuuuge bonus for me because like I said, I pack like a crazy person and I try to keep it under 50 pounds so I don’t get dinged for the weight. They’ve also revamped the zippers creating a new t-bar design that’s easier to find and hold on to. Yas!


The most important update on these bags though is that every bit of the fabric and the lining is made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. While I’ve always been a fan of Samsonite now I’m straight up in love.


Plastic pollution is a devastating problem, and one of the biggest culprits is plastic water bottles. It takes one plastic water bottle 700 years to start decomposing. More than 100 million plastic water bottles are used Every. Single. Day. Of those, 100 million more than 1,500 of those bottles end up in landfills or the ocean every SECOND.


If we don’t curb our usage pretty soon we’re going to be living on a plastic planet, which spoiler, can’t sustain life. For a truly terrifying glimpse into our future check out this video of The Great Pacific Garbage Patch. It’s an island of plastic double the size of Texas.

While we continue to curb our plastic use going forward we must contend with the plastic we’ve already used and tossed aside.


As I look at my ECO-Nu Samsonite suitcase, in a new town, in a new apartment, in a new life, I’m struck by the poetry of a suitcase made of recycled plastic. Suitcases are a physical manifestation of change. We use them as we explore new lands and look forward into the future and imagine a brighter tomorrow. The tomorrow the world needs in one where we all pitch in to help heal the wounds we’ve inflicted on nature. One where corporate responsibility and great design go hand in hand. A world where we get the same thing we’ve always loved, but different, better. Samsonite design and quality, but made from conscious materials. Yeah, I’m here for that.


All Photos by Anais Ganouna