The New Ethical Subscription Box You Didn't Know You Needed Right Now

I’ve had trouble keeping to a regular schedule with the blog lately. Some of that is due to just **life**, but to be totally frank I’ve been rather uninspired. Well, perhaps uninspired is the wrong word more like fresh out of ways to talk about ethical living. Everyday a new ethical brand pops up, and that is awesome. That means we’re making progress in taking ethical living from niche to norm. But most of these brands kind of feel the same to me. They all blur together after a while. Don’t get me wrong I love that they’re out there being responsible and doing good in the world, I just don’t know how to talk about another organic cotton t-shirt.

Maybe it’s a lack of imagination on my part, but I feel like I’ve already written about stuff like that or else someone has. As a creative person, I hate repeating myself or others. If it’s been done I’m kind of over it and not in a snarky way, I just don’t see the point. Like, cool it’s covered! What next? I’m most interested in the new and uncharted, my brain lights up when I have a question and can’t easily google it. When I’ve looked around the past couple of months, I haven’t found anything that sent sparks down my spine.

And so my eye has begun to wander to fresher (to me at least) waters. INTERSECTIONAL FEMINISM. OOoooOOOooo just typing that gets me hyped. You’ve probably heard those words a lot lately, but just in case you’re a little foggy on what it means let me break it down. Feminism is advocating for women’s rights because (duh) the sexes are equal. Intersectional feminism understands that women have a lot of overlapping identities (race, class, ability, sexuality, religion, etc) and all these things impact the discrimination we face on top of the discrimination all women face just for being women.

For example. A white woman makes only 81% what a man does, but a black woman makes a measly 68%. And a transgender person probably isn’t even hired in the first place. Advocating for not only the white woman, but the black woman and trans person as well and giving their voices space and credence...that’s intersectional feminism at its finest.

Photo by Madison Lapre

Photo by Madison Lapre

As an ethical fashion and lifestyle activist intersectional feminism is a no-brainer for me. I’ve always believed in justice and fair treatment for everyone. We’re all brothers and sisters and deserve to be treated with love and respect! And so instead of writing my blog, I’ve been spending way too much time scrolling through feminist accounts on Instagram and wanting to scream at strangers who say things like “All lives matter.” To my credit, I avoided actually screaming (most of the time), but the constant mistreatment of women and marginalized peoples left me exhausted. Worse, burnt out!

And this my dear readers is weirdly, how I found my way back to inspiration.

Photo by  Madison Lapre

Photo by Madison Lapre

Sometimes I’m lucky enough to be pitched emerging brands and when Tarul Kode Tripathi emailed me about her new brand Sanaya Set I instantly knew this was a brand I had to share with you. Sanaya Set is a seasonal curated box of goodies meant to enhance your life. But this box is waaaaay better than all those other subscription boxes you’ve tried, because instead of an endless supply of makeup or clothes or wine or whatever,  Sanaya Set’s boxes make you feel good inside and out, all while raising other women up. It takes that tired of model of subscription boxes and re-invents for the modern social-justice oriented women.

They understand that the modern woman is a lot of different things throughout her day and so they give you a box that caters to all those different aspects of yourself. Their newest box (due out in October) pays respects to Domestic Violence Awareness Month with 10% of their net proceeds going towards API Chaya. API Chaya empowers survivors of gender-based violence and trafficking and is deeply personal to the founders of Sanaya Set.

To nourish you the box includes Mullein and Sparrow Lavender Body Oil and delicious Latin-American inspired Cultura Chocolate.

To feed your mind, they give you The Color Purple by Alice Walker. A harrowing classic about domestic violence and the triumph of a woman’s spirit.

And to keep you out there fighting the good fight while looking cute as’ve got the non-toxic nail polish Claws Out in color (what else) Intersectional. Super cute and warm beanie that says Spark Change, perfect for all your fall and winter protests. A sweet Fierce necklace so you can be your own hype queen. And last, but not least, an exclusive vegan-suede clutch with the reminder RISE printed in gold on the front.

Photo by  Madison Lapre

Photo by Madison Lapre

Sanaya Set is thoughtful, speaks to every part of me, and helps other women. Now that is blog worthy.

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