Taking a Break

Photo by  Anais Ganouna

Photo by Anais Ganouna

Hello my compassionate fashionistas! Today I'm interrupting your regularly scheduled ethical fashion pep-talk for a little update on me. 

It occurred to me that in order to write about sustainable stuff I need to lead a sustainable life and that means taking a break every once in a while. I'm going on a social media and work break for the next two weeks (!!!!!!!!). I think the last time I took that much time off was over a decade ago. 

I'll be back at the beginning of June with more ethical fashion goodies. Until then, I encourage you to find ways to give yourself a break if you can. And if you're missing this blog like crazy, which I'm sure you all will feel free to check out my older blogs. All the info is still relevant today.

See you on the other side loves!



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