How To Style Even The Funkiest of Ethical Pieces With Stuff You Already Own

I'm baaaaaack blog-o-sphere! My time away was much needed, and taught me a lot about myself and fashion (natch). I need some time to digest it all though, so today let's talk about shopping.

Surprisingly, the more I write/learn/think about sustainable fashion the less of it I consume. While I love fashion more than ever I no longer buy things on a whim. Even if a piece is sustainable and ethically made there’s still an environmental cost to everything and this should give us all pause. Resources will always be consumed when a new product is made, so whatever I buy has to count.

And I mean that literally babes. When I buy something new I have to be able to count at least 3 outfits I can create with it and clothes I already own AND I also have to count 3 different occasions in which I can wear it. This last requirement is key because it does me no good to come up with 3 outfits if I can only wear them to visit the Queen of England. Shit has to be practical.

When I first starting living by the Big 6 (I don’t know why I dubbed them that, but it cracks me up so I stuck with it), I thought I was going to end up with a super bland wardrobe. You know everything sort of the same, kind of cookie-cutter, or even WORSE, a quasi-capsule wardrobe. I have an intense knee-jerk reaction to the bland so this fear ran deep.


This fear was put to the test when I eyed this super cute pair of pants from Matter Prints. I’ve been a huge fan of Matter Prints for a long time both for their style and their unique commitment to making rural artisan production sustainable (you’ve probably seen them on my Instagram), but I’d never tried shopping from them with my new rules in place. I love their bold prints and unique silhouettes, but I was worried that the very thing I love about them also exclude them from my wardrobe moving forward. Would their boldness limit the ways and places in which I could wear them? I was straight up heart-broken at the thought of not being able to continue shopping with them.

The pant that caught my eye is the sideswept Dhoti. Inspired by the Indian dhoti, it’s cool, asymmetric, and has this giant pocket that’s to die for. I was worried though that this funky pant would be, dare I say it...too funky? Would I be able to wear it day in and day out?

After just a bit of closet digging, I’m happy to report that I did, in fact, find plenty of ways wear these gorgeous pants and now they're mine forever and ever and ever. Check out my 3 favorite ways to style them and how I made these bold pants work with things I already own.



Photo by  Kara McCurdy

Photo by Kara McCurdy

Keep it simple! These pants are funky enough on their own so I let them do the talking for the whole outfit. A white button down, some a statement necklace, and a pair of pumps gives you a sophisicated silhouette without feeling stuffy. I liked the pop of red against the otherwise cool palate, but you could also go with a neutral shoe if your work is a bit more conservative.


Date Night

Photo by  Kara McCurdy

Photo by Kara McCurdy

Minimize color! Another trick to making these bold pants work is streamlining my color palate. The soft pink of the blouse and shoe really let the chambray shine without being distracting. The frilly top and simple gold hoops soften the look and make it accessable. I added a pair of embroidered booties both for their comfort and nod to artisan work. Bonus, because of the generous pocket means I don't have to lug a giant purse!



Out and About

Photo by  Kara McCurdy

Photo by Kara McCurdy

Go big or go home! Perhaps my favorite way to style these pants is not to minimize the funkiness but go with it. After all, their unique drape is what drew me to them in the first place! Add more color, play with drape, play with proportions. This is a perfect opportunity to stretch your creative muscles.  I chose a white bodysuit as a juxtaposition against the voluminous pants while the long vest adds beautiful drape and lengthens the look.


How do you incorporate bold pieces into your wardrobe?


**please note that due to the editing of the photos the color of the pants is slightly different. Please check the website for their true color