Ethical Alternatives for Every Summer 2018 Trend

Well folks, another season is upon us. It’s been an awful, I mean lovely 96 degrees here in PA and judging by the sweat collecting on my temples it’s officially summer. New season means new trends! While I don’t believe in following trends, I still enjoy looking at what’s happening out in the non-ethical fashion world. It’s fun and can provide inspiration or sometimes even a good laugh (you’ll see what I mean below). Fashion is a revolving door, and often I have on-trend pieces already hanging in my closet and I bet you do too. If not and you feel the itch to hop on one of these trend trains I got you sister. Below you’ll find ethical alternatives for every Summer 2018 Trend!



Who doesn't love a pop of primary color? It's fun. It's bold. It's perfect for Summer. The wrap dress from Everlane is comfortable and right on trend.




Spring may be over, but pastels are still going strong. Try this pastel work suit by Big Bud Press to add a little edge to your favorite pink shade.



puff sleeves.jpeg


Time to embrace the drama of the 80's. High waisted jeans, slouchy boots and puff sleeves are so very this season. I'm digging the puff sleeves a lot. I've actually seen them on a bunch of different ethical brands, but I love the drama of these by Accompany Us


Check Print


I love me a good check print in the summer, even if I do sometimes match the tablecloth. This is another one you can find everywhere in the ethical fashion world, but I just love what Myamiko did with it.



fringe or feathers.jpeg

Ok, this is a trend I have a hard time getting down with. Sure, feathers are beautiful, but they look best when still attached to birds IMHO. If you want that fluttery look try out this fringed jumper by People Tree. It'll keep you warm on those cool summer nights and still give that fun feather look.



Fringe has been in for a while and it's still going strong. Try using fringe in an unexpected way, like your shoes! These fringe clogs by Uxibal are made by Mayan women in Guatemala. 


Palm Beach

palm beach.jpeg

This one totally makes sense and I am here for it. Fun bright prints for summer? What could be more fun than that? Reformation always has great prints and they don't disappoint this summer.


Power Shorts

suit shorts.jpeg

Some of y'all still have to go to work in the summer, but that doesn't mean you have to sweat to death. Power shorts, especially in a suit combo is a (literally) cool way to still keep it profesh. This linen combo from Velvet Heart is the perfect balance of breezy and sophisticated. Find the matching blazer here.



Wet Look Clothes

wet look.jpeg

Vinyl and latex are made from petroleum so the only ethical alternative is to buy it second hand. Not interested in sweating to death in some latex? Try these "wet look" leggings by Nuvango instead! You're supporting artists and the ocean waves will make you think cool thoughts. 


Clear Raincoats


Living out in LA, I'd totally forgotten about those heavy summer downpours, but PA has straightened me out right quick. Stay dry this summer with these biodegradable raincoats from Terra New York.


Ugly Sportswear


Why is this a trend? The fashion powers that be, know it's ugly, they even put it in the name! Alas, this is where I draw the line. If you like the look (and you'd be in good company if you did so ignore my snark), go for the real thing. A quick look for 90's sportswear on Etsy turned up a whopping 10 thousand results!


Floral Dresses


Floral dresses are beautiful any time of year, but there's something extra special about them in the summer. There are lots of great options out there, but I love this bright yellow lace number by Hot As Hell. It's still floral while not being obvious.



Bum Bags

bum bag.jpeg

Praise be! Bum bags are still in! Not that you could pry my bum bag away from me even if they went out. This summer, try one in a fun print. Like this mixto bag from Hiptipico.