Ditch Your Fast-Fashion Bras and Treat Your Breast Friends Right!


I like to keep it positive on this blog, but sometimes I just have to be real. Real talk, I hate bras. Hands down my least favorite item of clothing.They’re uncomfortable, they never fit right, they’re expensive as all get out, in short, they’re the worst.

Ever since my first bra in middle school I’ve been searching for that mythical creature, a bra that fits. I’ve had a few close encounters, but something was always off.

As a teen my mom would take me to a discount store to try some on. One was too tight, one had cups that gapped, one had straps that somehow managed to dig in and slide off. When I complained to my Mom she sighed and told me the harsh truth. No bra is going to fit perfectly, so just pick the one that’s the least annoying. Disillusioned by my entry into womanhood I chose the one with the annoying straps.


As I got older and had my own money to spend, I figured that the problem must be that I was buying cheap bras. Aha! If I just spent more money I’d surely find a bra that fit. I walked into the closest overly perfumed Victoria’s Secret and got to shopping. What did I find? The exact same ill-fitting bras only more expensive and with more lace.



That’s when I decided to opt out of the bra game all together. I figured hey I’m not a busty woman I don’t really need to wear a bra. I’ll go braless as often as possible and on the rare occasions I do need a bra I have one that mostly fits that I purchased like 5 years ago. It’s nude and boring and serviceable. That’s my lingerie sitch folks. Serviceable.


I don’t want to be serviceable! I want to be beautiful! And gosh darnnit I was determined to find a bra that would make me feel that way.


photo courtesy of Lara Intimates

photo courtesy of Lara Intimates

I started asking around and I quickly realized something. No one like bras. They’re difficult to shop for and practically impossible to fit correctly. You have to wade through a mountain of options. Underwire or No Underwire? Padding or Unlined? Jersey or satin? You have to guess your size because god forbid companies use universal sizing. Then you have to strip half naked in a store and try to quickly decide which is the least awful alternative. No wonder everyone hates bra shopping!




It’s not just my friend circle either, did you know 85% of women are wearing the wrong size bra? While I’m glad it wasn’t only me that couldn’t find a bra (misery loves company), I was shocked when I read that stat. The more I thought about it the more sense it makes though. There are so many different measurements to account for, bust, underbust, boob shape. It’s a wonder anyone can find a properly fitting bra!


You can’t mass produce a garment that personal.


That’s why the only bra I’m buying from now on is one made specially for me. The folks over at Lara Intimates have cracked the code when it comes to designing the perfect bra by making each piece to order. You don’t have to worry about how their bras will fit, because they’re made exactly to your measurements. How awesome is that? But of course, this is an ethical fashion blog, so it needs to pass the sustainability test as well. This is where Lara Intimates really shines.


IMG_7281 2.JPG

You see it’s really tough to make intimates that are sustainable. So much is required of the materials! They have to stand up to daily wear and tear, they must be flexible yet maintain their shape, and at least in my opinion, they must be attractive. One option is using organic cotton, and while I love me some organic cotton after a while it gets...boring. Especially when you compare it to the fun sexy options conventional bra makers have. They’re able to achieve sheer peekaboo styles using sexy materials like nylon and spandex, but as we know nylon sucks for the environment.


Lara Intimates has solved this conundrum by using reclaimed surplus luxury materials. Every bit found on a Lara Intimates item (up to 15 per bra!) was once headed for a landfill. Lara Intimates believes that the best material to use is the material that already exists. I couldn’t agree more. Every year factories send millions of tons of perfect material to landfills where it sits polluting our environment for hundreds if not thousands of years.


That’s what I love most about my new Lara Intimates bra, it’s ethics are as beautiful as it’s style. Give them a try for yourself and use code BENITA15 for 15% off!


Bra: Lara Intimates

Photos: Anais Ganouna

Cat: Jonesy