Bedding fit for an ethical Queen

Photo: Anais Ganouna

Photo: Anais Ganouna

I love a lot of things. My cats, my husband, a fresh tube of toothpaste...but do you know what I love almost more than anything in this world? Sleeping. I mean what’s not to love about it? You get to get all cozy and snuggled up and have really weird ass dreams. It’s the best! I’m not exaggerating here. Mention the word “nap” around me and my face instantly breaks out into a smile. It’s a running joke in my circle.

So naturally, when it comes to my sleeping accouterments I don’t fuck around. I want the best. But even if you don’t love sleeping as much as I do (I’m trying not to judge you for this), you should want the best too. We spend one-third of our lives asleep. For the average woman in the US that works out to about 26 years spent sleeping. That’s a long ass time.

Sleeping is the best meditation
— The Dalai Lama

Finding the perfect bedding can be trickier than you might think though. For me, there are a lot of boxes that need to be checked before I can sleep easy. My bedding needs to be comfortable, well-made, pretty, and most importantly ethical.

Photo: Anais Ganouna

Photo: Anais Ganouna

Thanks to some late night scrolling on Instagram I discovered Cotton and Care. These sheets not only check all my boxes, they check boxes I didn’t even know could be checked.

Cotton and Care sheets are made from 100% US grown Supima Cotton. Let me tell you why this is awesome.

They are committed to compassion. For the environment, for their employees, and for the world. Choosing to grow and manufacture their products in the US means they have a traceable supply chain. Damn that’s sexy. Traceable means they know they have nothing to hide. Try getting a straight answer on working conditions for a factory in China.

Not only do their employees make living wages, but manufacturing in the US also benefits everyone in the form of fewer pollutants in the air.

The top two cotton producers in the world are China and India. So those super cute sheets you got at Target, probably came from the other side of the globe. Which sucks because in one year the cargo ships used for transport emit pollutants equivalent to 50 million cars, according to a 2009 report by The Guardian. Compare that with basically getting cotton from your own backyard. Yeah, I’m going with the locally grown stuff too.

As if manufacturing in the US wasn’t awesome enough, Cotton and Care is committed to helping end the global water crises. They donate 50% of their profits to Water.Org. Water related illnesses affect 1.5 billion people per year, but we can change that. To date Water.Org has worked in 14 different countries and empowered 6 million people with access to safe water and sanitation.

photo: Anais Ganouna

photo: Anais Ganouna

So okay, we know Cotton and Care are a bunch of goodie two-shoes but are their sheets comfortable? At the end of a long day, sheets that are good for the environment are no good to me, if I can’t get some sleep. I just want some comfy sheets dammitall. I’m happy to report I’ve been sleeping on these sheets for a couple of weeks now, and’s ruuuul nice. Even my husband who could sleep on a burlap sack appreciated their softness.  

What makes them so comfy? These babies are made from Supima cotton. If you’re not familiar with Supima don’t be surprised, this stuff is pretty rare. I basically google fabrics for a living and I’d barely heard of it. Supima cotton is the longest cotton fiber in the world. This makes it super soft and longer lasting than regular cotton. Supima is so suprema (see what I did there?) that less than 1% of cotton grown world wide qualifies.

It’s soft, it’s crisp, it’s beautiful, and it’s compassionate. Cotton and Care just found themselves a life-long customer.

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All photos by Anais Ganouna