Can A Scarf Make You Smart?








One thing I’m most thankful for is my education. My mom was a teacher, and she instilled in me a loving of learning that I carry to this day. I want to know everything about everything all the time. This is not an exaggeration my lovelies. Mention a topic I don't know about, and I will pester you with questions as long as you'll let me. That's one of the things I love about writing this blog. I get to learn so much cool stuff!

You can never be overdressed or overeducated
— Oscar Wilde

So imagine my heartbreak when I learned the following shitty statistic:  90 million girls in India aren’t allowed to attend school. 90. Million.  That's the entire population of California, Texas, and Florida combined.  Can you imagine how limited your life would be if you couldn’t read or even do basic math?

It’s been proven time and again that keeping girls in school is the most effective way to break the cycle of childhood marriage, preteen pregnancy, and abuse. Bloom And Give knows this and is dedicated to the education of women in India. Every purchase from them helps send a girl to school. They don't mess around either.  50% (yes 50!) of their profits goes to directly towards girls education programs in India. 


This Bloom and Give scarf is also great for the environment. Most commercially produced cotton is full of pesticides that wreak havoc on the environment (bye clean water basins) and our bodies (5 of the major pesticides used are known to cause cancer). But with Bloom and Give you don’t have to worry about that. They use what is possibly the most natural form of cotton in the world called “Khadi:. It’s hand spun on a traditional wheel and then woven on a loom. Because it has zero ecological footprint you can feel great as well as look great wearing it!

And as an added bonus, this scarf has a seriously cool historical significance! Ghandi revitalized the tradition of “khadi” cloth by using it as a symbol of self-employment and sustainability for the rural people of India as they sought to free themselves from colonial rule. It’s not just a scarf it’s a recognition of one’s right to freedom. Today Bloom And Give works with small co-ops that share their passion for high quality products and a belief in fair wages.

All Photos by Bella Marie Adams