The Only Dress You Need This Holiday Season


I love the holiday season. The warmth of friends and family sharing a laugh. The sparkle of twinkling lights glinting off the sidewalk. The epic number of parties. There’s always something to do or someone to visit come the holidays. There are family parties, and friends’ parties, and work parties, and acquaintance parties, New Year parties...the list goes on and on. While I revel in the opportunity to hang with people I love, the holidays can be a stressful time.

According to a 2015 study conducted by Health Line 62% of Americans found the Holidays to be stressful. The survey recorded that people are most stressed about finances, scheduling, and eating healthy. While I totally believe people are worried about those things I think they missed a key stressor. What the hell to wear.

On average Americans attend 3 holiday parties a year. That’s three completely different looks you have to come up with! Talk about stress. Your outfit has to be occasion appropriate while staying true to your aesthetic. No way you can get away wearing the same outfit to a swanky office party as you would to visit your Great Aunt Juana.

Every year I waste so much time digging through my closet to find just the right outfit. Without fail, I try on a million things flinging clothes left and right until it looks like my room was hit by a tornado. In the end, I hate everything and only feel marginally good about what I’m wearing. It doesn’t matter how great the outfit is because it caused me so much stress the best I can feel about it is lukewarm.  

That’s no way to spend the holiday season. There are way better things I could be doing with my time. Shopping for gifts, eating cookies, or trying to bribe my cat into wearing the cute little Santa Hat I bought for him two years ago.


I’m tired of wasting time. I’m tired of the frustration. This year I’m making a change. Y’all I’ve hacked the holiday outfit conundrum. Instead of a bunch of different outfits for each occasion, I’m opting for one outfit to RULE THEM ALL!!! BWAHAHAHAHA No, but seriously. I found my the perfect dress to get me through this holiday season. This gorgeous LBD from Maven Women is the answer to my outfit woes. It’s elegant enough to wear anywhere and it’s simplicity means the styling options are endless. Yaass Kween!


Here are three quick looks I put together as an example.


Feeling Funky?

Occassion: Hanging with the bff's at your local bar

For a funkier downtown feel I paired the dress with a faux leather jacket and booties with a fun metal detail. Add a quirky piece of jewelry like this recycled tin bangle from Canned Goods Co. and you’re set.




Class It Up!

Occassion: Office work party or holiday fundraiser

If you need something slightly more sophisticated, pair the dress with a sparkly pair of heels and a jeweled belt. I added small geometric earrings from Sseko Designs to keep it modern.




Cool and Classic

Occassion: Haning with the fam

I know this is technically a different dress, but I just loved the deep cranberry color and cut of the Sarah Dress.  We all tend to keep our style a little mellow around the family, but you can still spice things up with a fun printed flat. I paired this look with leopard print flats by Rothys and kept everything else simple and sweet. 



While I love all the styling options my favorite thing about this dress is the ethics behind it. Maven Women’s founder Rebecca Ballard has thought deeply about what kind of world she wants to create with her clothing line.

She cares about people so she’s committed to paying the true cost of production and protecting workers’ rights by following the 10 Fair Trade Guidelines.

She believes in women’s empowerment and so only works with partners who promote gender equality.

She cares about the planet so she evaluates the environmental impact of manufacturing.

She believes in natural beauty so she listens to customer feedback and uses it to create hands down the most comfortable workwear dress I’ve ever tried on.








From start to finish these dresses are made with love.

This year join me in skipping the stress and choose one outfit that will see you through the holiday season and beyond. Less stress+less waste = a happier world. I’ve got my dress picked out, what’s yours?


Want to give Maven Women a try for yourself? Use code COMPASSIONFASHION for $10 off!


Photos: Anais Ganouna

Dress: Maven Women

Bracelet: Canned Goods Co.

Earrings: Sseko Design

Flats: Rothy's